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#Eps 1 Guided Through Qur’an

Assalammu’alaikum wr wb

Happy Fasting Day, hari ini udah hari ke16 🙂 yeay! Alhamdulillah

So far, sejak saya kurang suka nonton tv *sok kesibukkan*, saya “tersesat” di video2 youtube. Dan… saya gak bisa berhenti menonton episode demi episode Serial Non Fiksi “Guided Through Quran”. It is sssoooooooooooo inspiring me.. 🙂

As a-born-as-Muslim sometimes our knowledge about our deen is not too deep because we just duplicate our parents, not having curiosity in our own deen. But for some who are converted muslim, they were doing a lot of research before they Took their Sahada so their knowledge in Islam is so much incredible. It makes me feel embarrassed a lot.

But never mind, Alhamdulillah I am still alive so I still have time to study my Deen, InsyaAllah.

I have a Belgium friend who is converted for about 6 years. We talk much about Islam. He was an atheis then when he was 19 he started to learn religion, asking more about some spiritual things. Then he started his own research in religions. Once he was a christian etc. I said how Lucky he is being chosen by Allah to be a Muslim. And he said that I am lucky too because this and that.

And now he is a Muslim and doing fasting. It’s his 6th fasting.  (u know, he stared fasting at 5 am and finished at 22 pm!!!)

We talk muccchh about our deen. About people.. *jadi nge-english gini gueh* He is undergraduated because when he was 17 he decided to quit school since he was so naughty *i know he is regretting alot this now.. lol* but he is very smart. Although he is a Belgium but his english is very very nice. And he never mind to give a very long explanation for my-too-much questions. He like to tell me stories.

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