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me time di weekend

Sekarang saya pny jadwal me time. ya dari dl ada sih. tapi sejak mutasi ini agak sulit menemukan me time. cause the main purpose why I am moving in because I want to conquere with my family. but after a month.. me time need indeed.

Me time kali ini aku laksanakan di tempat fitness. threatmill sejam, ikut kelas step intro dan energy erobic, dilanjut makan fiesta steak dan berakhir di Killiney Kopitiam (g sengaja ketemu sama tyas). I do a lot of stuff. Take a deep breath and fixing plans. Making plans. Evaluate it. etc

Something weird happened when I woke up this morning.. I just like being awake after a very long sleep. hehee.. it is totally weird. But… I woke up with a question mark in my brain. I was asking… “why I have been this far… etc…” and there’s a good dream. I hope this dream will come true in the short time. aamiin ya robbal alamiin.

I dont understand. But yes I will always try to be a better person. for my self, people and my religion. Alhamdulillah…


A quality weekend will define your weekdays! hehehe

ready for weekdays now. Bismillah!


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