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Hari ini pertemuan dengan Presiden PKS di Jambi, dihadiri oleh ribuan kader dan simpatisan di atlantis.

Well, honesty, I feel so glad that  I am one of the personal in this party.

Off course We all have certain purpose or interest which is we choose to become our way of life. Even if we are Islam, We might be have different interest among others about how we apply this religion into our real life.

As we know what we live to give our worship on Alloh, the one and only.

But How?

Some other maybe will answer by praying 5 times a day, fasting every ramadhan or going to hajj.

But for others, that’s just not enough…

There are a lot of we things we wanna do to this religion. How we will introduce this religion to others. then they will know Alloh and the purpose why he/she lived in this world.

and again, there will be a question about the method… how we will introduce islam to others??? 🙂

I can say I am a PKS-nizer. Ups and downs, …. And Until I found that this is how I will give my worship to Alloh… become one of the PKS’ers. Spread the beauty of Islam… La Ilahaillah Muhammadarrosulullah…

Just thanks God, I know them.. 🙂


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